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CBSE Improvement Exam Procedure

It must be very overwhelming for all of you who came out with a perfect chance to flaunt their glory. But there are few pinche,s of disappointment that is left when you see your mark sheet.

How about enhancing your result a little too much and get what you deserve? To your immediate rescue, there are improvement exams that are held by CBSE to give you the chance to prove yourself again.

CBSE Improvement Exam

CBSE Improvement Exam

Sometimes, it is just one subject that is responsible for the entire result to shake down. The good idea to follow here is to give an improvement exam for all the subjects so that there is a balance between the results and the overall marks remain uniform when you appear for the exam the very next year. Stay here to find out how.

Who Can Apply for the CBSE Improvement Exam?

If you are a CBSE student and have appeared for a regular board examination, you are ready to go and make your way through the improvement exam. If you got unlucky this year and failed the board examination, the doors are probably likely to shut down for you, and you cannot appear for the CBSE improvement exam.

Don’t worry as there are the compartment exams to take care of you and the advantage is you can take the exam the very same year you passed your board examination.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is, you should pass your exam with flying colours. If you satisfy the last criteria, you can appear for the improvement exam in the coming year.

If you only want to appear for the theory examination and not the practical, you are free to do that as well. In such case, only the theory marks will be carried forward whereas the practical examinations mark will remain as they were.

Everything You Need to Know About the CBSE Improvement Exam

  • The application forms can usually be collected from the month of July-August depending on the time the results have shown up.
  • Every form that you will purchase will cost Rs. 10.
  • The fees for every subject that you want to change the marks of will cost you Rs. 200.
  • The main question here is where you can avail these form from? So, to get your hands on the forms, you have to contact the nearest Syndicate Bank Branch in the whole of Delhi and the other option is the Regional Offices of CBSE available for other regions.
  • The application form will be available until October.
  • The candidates will be issued the marks of statement that will show up the marks of the improvement exams only.

What are the needed documents?

The important things that you need to keep are the scanned copy of the photographs and copy of the bank e-challan.  Another thing to bear in mind is the Admit Card. Make sure to get your admit card before the exam.

Find out whatever way it reaches you, i.e., either by post or on the website. Sometimes it can also be collected from the exam centre you are allotted.

In case you have not received your admit card through any mode, contact the CBSE portals to find out the reason and also the solution for it.

Online procedure to fill out the CBSE Improvement Form

  1. Log into
  2. Enter your CBSE Roll Number in the text box that appears.
  3. Next, put up the five-digit school number in the second text box. If you are not from a school and gaining your knowledge being private, put 99999.
  4. Refer you admit card to find the examination centre number and enter the same.
  5. Next, proceed with filling up the details.
  6. Either choose E-Challan option or select the Payment mode to make your payment.
  7. Follow up by submitting your scanned picture and scanned copy of bank challan in case you have made the payment through your bank.
  8. After you are done, note down the application number and the roll number.

A small piece of advice from CBSE: – If you find the application status not updated then don’t panic and don’t pay the money again if it has already debited from your account. In either case, do not try to pay the fee again.

A Glimpse at the Payment Details

Five subjects (India Scheme)Rs. 600
Five Subjects (Delhi Scheme)Rs. 400
Additional Sixth Subject (India Scheme)Rs. 250
Practical Exam (India Scheme)Rs. 40
Practical Exam (Delhi Scheme)Rs. 25
Two Subjects (India Scheme)Rs. 550
Two subjects (Delhi Scheme)Rs. 320
Three Subjects or more (India Scheme)Rs. 600
Three subjects or more (Delhi Scheme)Rs. 400

The Declaration of the Results and the Marksheets

There have been no changes so far when it comes to results. The improvement examinations results are likely to be declared on the same date as the normal board exam results.

The results will appear on the official website of CBSE. If you have appeared for the improvement examination, then you will are most probably going to receive a new mark sheet. No new passing certificates are coming along.

Therefore, to wrap up this a few words, you can apply only once for the CBSE improvement exam, so make sure it counts and don’t lay back; just give your 100 percent. Good Luck Fellas.


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